Why home and business owners in Franklin, Delaware, and Knox Counties in Ohio, should contact High Caliber Cabinets for professional Backsplash Installation services?

The kitchen is a primary area of your home. You and your family spend a lot of time there. Upgrading your kitchen is an easy way to increase the value of your home. It is not necessary to do a complete overhaul. A new backsplash transforms the room. It is an area of the house to showcase your personality and style.

The backsplash protects kitchen walls from food and liquid splatter. A backsplash is generally installed behind the stove and countertop, where splashes commonly occur. The dimensions depend on the overall look you want in your kitchen and your budget. Choices include backsplashes four inches high, those that rise to the cabinets, and those that go up to the ceiling.

From trendy mosaics to bright white subway tile and more, you find inspiration in the backsplash choices offered by High Caliber Cabinetry. We have quality products from various manufacturers to fit your budget and style. Our installers are professionals. Count on them to do the installation right the first time with a follow-up service that is second to none.

We have more than 30 years of experience. When we come to your home to survey, we provide a free estimate and a no pressure consultation. We are a locally owned and operated company whose priority is customer satisfaction. Most of the products we carry are made in the United States. The majority of them are manufactured locally, we like to support local manufacturers.

The Process

The three-step process includes preparing the area, the installation, and the clean-up. We ensure the wall is smooth and level before we clean and prepare it. If the wall cannot be made level or smooth, we notify you about your choices before continuing with the project to prevent unanticipated labor or resource costs.

After preparing the walls, installation begins with perfection and extra care. From cuts and spacing to the lay-down and positioning of the materials, our experts perform with extreme care to ensure enduring beauty and durability. The crew cleans up the waste and leaves your home as it was when they arrived.

Possible Options

We have a vast collection of backsplash options from which to choose. Four of the most popular are glass, ceramic, stone, and marble tiles. The light that reflects across glass tiles makes a kitchen look brighter and more prominent. Glass tiles highlight the colors beneath the glass to create an enthralling feel and appearance. Ceramic tiles are in popular demand. They are highly durable, scratch- and water-resistant. These tiles are low maintenance and easy to keep clean.

Often, stone is the preferred backsplash accent because it creates a warm and welcoming feel and look. Stone has an ageless appearance and is durable and heat resistant. The polished, organic shine of marble reflects light. It makes the kitchen seem more prominent. Marble is a classy, long-lasting material that is easy to maintain.

Choose High Caliber Cabinetry

The best designers are those who handle and install backsplashes. That is what you find with High Caliber Cabinetry and why you need to contact them for professional backsplash installation services.